How We Help

Our mission at the Child Victims’ Trust Fund (CVTF) is simple: to provide the funding to help reduce the incidence and the impact of child sexual abuse in Kentucky. The need is real. Kentucky children are at risk. Prevention is the key. We promote, support and fund effective programs to improve the safety of our children.

There are many great organizations in Kentucky dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse. Since 1984, The CVTF has been working with those organizations to help fund their efforts. We assist with educational and promotional programs to inform people about the issue of child sexual abuse, warning signs, laws and available resources. The CSAEP (Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention) Board oversees the distribution of funds granted to community organizations to ensure the money is being well-spent.

The CVTF prevention activities and child advocacy programs are funded through private donations, proceeds from the purchase of “I Care About Kids” license plates and donations made through the state income tax refund check-off program.

Announcement of Funding for Child Sex Abuse Prevention Programs

The Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Board (CSAEP Board) announces the availability of grant funding for child sexual abuse prevention programs. Applications are now available for fiscal year 2020 that begins July 1, 2019 and ends June 30, 2020. Non-profit organizations and public agencies are eligible to apply for these opportunities that are made available through the Kentucky Child Victims’ Trust Fund. Two types of grants are available:

  1. Statewide Prevention Grant Application – This grant is available to Kentucky non-profit and public agencies that work toward reducing child sexual abuse and exploitation through primary prevention programs. A program is considered statewide if prevention activities will be conducted in all regions of Kentucky.   Statewide Prevention Grant Instructions​
  2. Regional Prevention Grant Application​ – This grant is available to Kentucky non-profit and public agencies that work toward reducing child sexual abuse and exploitation through primary, secondary and/ or tertiary prevention programs.  Regional Prevention Grant Instructions​​​

Prevention grant applications are available annually.​ Applications for FY20 must be submitted by March 28, 2019 to be considered for funding. Questions regarding the grant application process and timelines should be directed to 

Special Note Regarding Funding for Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children Program

Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children is an evidence-informed solution that increases knowledge, improves attitudes, and changes child protective behaviors. For applicants seeking to provide this program, the Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Board will give priority consideration to applications that will provide Stewards of Children programming on a statewide basis rather than a regional basis. 

For more information regarding Stewards of Children visit

Special Note Regarding Prevention Programming Focused on Underserved Populations

The Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Board is specifically interested in receiving applications to provide prevention programming focused on underserved populations such as adolescents, incarcerated youth, and children and youth with disabilities.

About the Board

Core Values

  • The Board is committed to the prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation through strong community collaboration.
  • The Board believes child safety is everyone’s responsibility and that children deserve a safe, nurturing environment.
  • The Board is committed to helping society understand the damage caused by child sexual abuse and exploitation.
  • The Board is committed to equitable funding opportunities statewide that provide services to children with diverse backgrounds.
  • The Board is committed to good financial stewardship of the Child Victims’ Trust Fund.

Board Goals

  • To increase public and professional awareness and understanding of the nature and scope of child sexual abuse and exploitation.
  • To fund quality services and innovative programs.
  • To have a greater influence on public policy relating to child sexual abuse and exploitation.
  • To increase the effectiveness of the Board.
  • To ensure continued growth and viability of the Child Victims’ Trust Fund.

Board Members​

Andy Beshear, Attorney GeneralOffice of the Attorney GeneralEx-Officio/Chair
Wayne D. Lewis, CommissionerDepartment of EducationEx-Officio
Adam Meier, SecretaryCabinet for Health & Family ServicesEx-Officio
William M. Landrum III, SecretaryFinance & Administration CabinetEx-Officio
Richard Sanders, CommissionerKentucky State PoliceEx-Officio
James "JT" HendersonPublic Member - Prospect2/17/17 - 9/20/19
LeAnna Marie HomandbergPublic Member - Southgate2/17/17 - 9/20/19
Harry RothergerberPublic Member - Louisville2/17/17 - 9/20/19
Eric ClarkPublic Member - Louisville4/12/18 - 9/20/20
Chelsea Cleary McConahaPublic Member - Nicholasville4/12/18 - 9/20/20
Dr. Vinod Balakrishna RaoPublic Member - Louisville4/12/18 - 9/20/20
Proxy Members
Allyson Cox Taylor
Sherri Clusky
Lucie Estill
Yvette Smith
John Clark